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Containing Costs.

Reducing Risk.

Lightening Administrative Burden.

Whatever your needs, we have solutions.

Employee Benefits, LLC believes in creating customized solutions for each of our clients.  When you partner with us, we make a commitment to streamline your  HR, Benefit, and Payroll needs so that you can redirect your time and attention back to business.  When we work with you, you benefit in several ways by:


  • Saving time and money

  • Being educated and informed

  • Reducing risk and lightening administrative burden 

  • Retaining and attracting quality employees

  • Maintaining high employee satisfaction


As a team of certified HR professionals and independent licensed insurance advisors we provide efficient, effective and compliant services that meet your organizations needs, regardless of size. 

Industries We Serve
  • Mortgage

  • Aviation

  • Restaurant

  • Medical Offices

  • Legal

  • Banking

  • Property Management

  • Marketing

  • Accounting

  • Manufacturing

  • Information Technology

  • Churches

  • Mechanical

  • Grocery

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